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I Strapped a GoPro on a Fish



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  1. Why not? Because fish have a slime layer on their bodies that helps to protect them from bacterial infections. And when you put anything on their body that will wear through that slime layer, they lose that protection for several hours to a couple of days. You're exposing the fish to any and all microbes in the water.
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  2. This disrespectful and damaging treatment of a fish is a disgrace to any angler. Starting from the unnecessary long lingering of the fish out of the water (probably without keeping it wet) to the fixing of the strap, which damages the protective mucous membrane of the fish.

    Imagine someone forcibly pulling you into the water, holding you tight until just before you suffocate, and strapping a block around you that restricts your movement and scrapes your skin.

    Fishing should be responsible and sustainable. There is none of that in this video.

  3. Blech. What an absolutely insufferable human. 🤮
    Somebody needs to tell that guy that this isn't the way to deal with his raging insecurities.

  4. It’s a 20/30lb carp… going on like a 100lb shark 😂 look like a right mug 😂😂 also bad fish care lying it down on the hard bank and then putting a camera on the poor bastard… have some consideration.

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