There are always 2 sides to a story but it looks like the trophy bass master Mike Long may have cheated and lied about some of his angling records, fishing tournament wins, and just flat out behaved unethically while bass fishing – basically he’s a fraud. Long is a famous figure in bass fishing history and marks a point in the timeline putting trophy California fishing on the map as well as playing a huge role in popularizing big swimbait fishing across the U.S. His 20+lbs fish made the cover of Bassmaster back in the early 2000’s and he still plays a role in fishing defining the direction of trophy bass fishing as well as the Cali swimbait and tournament scene.


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  1. As a lifetime bass angler,I never thought my foreman m.l., was thee,m.l. It's all true, kickers sourced from golf course ponds, lake swapping fish,it's all true, putting it all together,yrs.later.

  2. You just admitted to being a liar. Go fish dome pro derbies and let's see how you for. His team partners took their half of the money as well Do not forget that part when many of them were part of the article. Should they give the money back?

  3. Back in the day I partnered with a guy , we had an offshore boat and we loved fishing and spearfishing..we would come in with good catches and everybody wanted to know where we went…we would just point out to the gulf…WELL YEAH….WE ARE GONNA TELL YA.

  4. Mikey, only been watching your vids for a few months but feel an affinity with you, and you have a rare commodity oozing out of your pores, and that is wisdom (Wiz-dam: a very precious and costly commodity, that is obtained one microgram at a time only during bouts of horrible suffering). I grew up SO frustrated trying to figure out bass fishing before the internet. My relatives all fished and tried to teach me, but they were all math brains, and to me, a verbal brain, sounded like cavemen grunting out answers in morse code.

  5. Problem I have with Youtubers is most are not honest that they make money doing it, mostly avoid subject, yet once the big money pours in they never or rarely answer questions. Especially a good question. Kinda like too big for britches now. In other words in beginning they begging for views and likes then big money comes and the attitude is i am busy. Another example
    Randy Blaukat has a paid version and free. When his dad was ill several posts i made i included a prayers for his dad. He never responded thx. But his paid guys he would respond. And if post something without swearing and he not like it he deletes it. Luke Dunkin the same way. I one time shy away from tackle warehouse to try baitwrx using dunkin code and they ripped me off. He deletes post

  6. Mike long failed a polygraph and confessed to the polygraph examiner that he had used illegal means to catch the record bass at Lake Dixon that allowed him to have the record and win a big bass tournament.

  7. I belonged to the Antelope Valley Bass in the mid 80s and long after leaving So Cal I remember hearing about this guy … I fished some of those same lakes and when I heard he’d caught supposedly 75 over 15 I was like “ not possible”and then when I’d heard he’d won a bunch of team events fishing solo it was “yep, he’s cheating …”. Oh and I was fishing Headwaters today and caught 2 over 18 and a 15.5 on big swim baits. Didn’t have a GoPro running and my cell had died and I was fishing alone like I usually do and there was no one at the boat ramp to take pics but you know how that lake is …. 😂 …

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