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START Catching More Bass On Topwater Baits With These Tricks

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  1. Here's a tip for a spook/walking bait that I learned years ago – tine your line to the eye of the bait like you normally would and then cut it off. Leave that knot on the eye. Then tie your line again and again cut it off to leave another piece of line with the knot. Now when you tie your bait on, make sure to tie your line UNDER both of those knots. It'll help keep the nose of that bait down in the water and help with a wider and easier to control walking motion. Works with every brand and size of walking topwater I've ever used.

  2. I would think it would help the walk. Like shortening one side of a frog does kinda. The added drag I would think would help. Idk but I do know imma try it out. I already add them to my poppers.

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