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Spring Bank Fishing with a Jerkbait (Bass LOVE THIS!)

I finally found a LOAD of fish this spring. The key to finding these fish was simple twist on the classic underspin. The TOP SPIN was perfect around the submerged grass. The small baitfish profile was exactly what these bass wanted!


Jerkbait Combo:
Lure: 6th Sense Provoke
Rod: Berkley Lightning Pistol Grip Rod
Reel: Abu Garcia Revo X
Line: P-Line Topwater Copylymer (15#)

Topspin Combo:
Lure: 1st Gen Lures Topspin (1/4 oz 3/0 Hook Glimmer Shad:
Keitech Swing Impact (3.5″ bluegill)
Rod: Shimano Curado (7′ MH)
Reel: Shimano Curado DC (7.4:1)
Line: Line: P-Line Blue Box Fluorocarbon (15lb)

Ned Jig Combo:
Net Bait Paca Slim –
Rod: Dobyns Kaden Spinning –
Reel: Daiwa Tatula LT Spinning 2500 –
Line: P-Line TCB Braid (15 lb main line)
P-Line Tactical 8lb Leader –



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  1. Funny to see the eyes on that 6th sense bait are a copy of the Megabass 110. I still remember Millikens video about Googan ripping off 6th sense. Obviously 6th sense does it too. They all do. I can stand that Milliken guy though he’s why I won’t ever buy any 6th sense products.

  2. Enjoyed the video Debo, the jerk bait was killing it ! I have been using the jerkbait and lipless extensively since mid January into this spring and have had huge success ! Actually have caught 2 over 5lbs in March , 1 on vision 110 @5 lbs 5oz and 1 on Rayburn red matte finish one knocker lipless @ 5lbs.6 oz ( pb that I had actually scaled) I'm from central Ohio so anything over 5 lbs is huge 🙂. Hardly ever used a jerkbait until this year and will always have one tied on now 🎣🙂

  3. That jerk bait combo appears to be a left handed set up to me. I am left handed, and I cast with my left hand and retrieve with my right hand. Seems simple to me. I know the retrieve is right hand, but sometimes descriptions just get in the way.

  4. Don't forget that 1.5 to 2 lb average is what some people would love to catch! I 99% of the time catch half pounders! Feel better, brother!

  5. Nothing fancy but a zman TRD Ned rig up shallow. Bass have baitfish in the back of pockets and are feeding up and I caught about 20 or 30 fish in a single day last week.

  6. I remember using speed sticks with pistol grips back around 1960. Wish I still had them. You actually slayed them on this outing and I think that last one was close to 3 lbs. Really an enjoyable video. Debo. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the great instruction and encouragement. Had an old black and silver Rapala my father passed down to me that I didn't know how to fish. I normally just fish soft plastics. After watching your video yesterday, I tried it out this evening and caught 2 bass with it.

    Thanks again.

  8. Putting spare battery in tackle bag now! Fine catches all day for you! A lot of big belly fish! Still have my ugly stick pistol grip with a quantum QD 310 on it! May upgrade graphite bushings to bearings when they wear out🤣😂😂 Still sling lures just fine!

  9. Now I want a pistol grip, Debo! Heather will understand. She didn't mean it yesterday when she asked how many rods I need. Even if she did, I told her I need all of them, so I'm covered.

  10. Love that pistol grip. I have a eagle claw Featherlite 4ft 10in light action with 6 lb mono use it with 1/8oz spinnerbaits and 1/4 oz jerkbaits, crankbaits and topwaters .

  11. Dude please keep up with the great videos, I'm living through you and a few other fishing tubers because I'm laid up with ACL surgery and can't get out and its killing me!

  12. Jerk baits are such an underrated lure. People think they are only good during the spring but they are great year round if there aren’t too many weeds.

  13. Nice catches Debo! I'll take that size bass all day, on a lighter combo they are super fun😎
    I have an old school Ugly stick pistol grip rod I'll have to dust off and give the jerkbait some more play time.
    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  14. Jerk bait has been killing it for me all spring. Had a 50+ fish smallmouth session last Sunday. Had a 30+ fish largemouth session a week before that. Not huge fish but numbers like I don't usually experience.

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