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Decorative Pond at Public Park is LOADED WITH FISH!!! (LEGAL TO FISH HERE??)

WHY IS THIS DECORATIVE PARK POND LOADED WITH FISH???!!? I was shocked fishing this pond and catching fish after fish… and some of them were BIG!!

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Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:

-Googan Inline Spinner
-Googan Doob Tube (2.5″)

-Googan 1000 Green Series Spinning Reel
-Googan Green Series Micro Finesse Rod
-10 lb googan braid with a 6 lb mono leader


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  1. I got a place in Ohio that has 3-5 pound bass. Real small pond with a couple big ones. But all you need is a small blue gill. Also caught one of the bugs ones on a jerk shad

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