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In this video, I am bass fishing using a 6″ swimbait, and i end up catching the BIGGEST BASS I have caught in 2 years! Urban pond fishing for huge bass is as fun as it gets!

Lure used: 6th sense fishing Trace Swimbait
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  1. Awesome job & one hell of a day when you have one of those days when pure luck is on your side . Those were some fine ass fish. To find beasts this size in a pond is just fantastic. The River is always the challenge but farm ponds & even local ones you never know you will catch anything close to these monsters . Well played TY.

  2. I love your reaction dude , " It's so stinkin HUGE ". Reminds me of myself. There's nothing like hooking into a monster and seeing it break surface or just that first.glimpse when you see for the first time you've got a big fish. Nothing more real and pure !! Awesome 👍

  3. 0:01 Yes, it was about one day away from being retired, and the line snapped setting the hook. I'm not sure if it was a fish some debris or a turtle, Regardless, rest in piece Carl

  4. You’re stressing the fish when you take them out of the water and hold them in your hands for that period of time the mortality rate on something like that is quite high even though they swim away there’s a good chance they’ll die

  5. I get that you’re trying to care for the fish. But honestly you made the bleeding worse by keeping her in the water. Water keeps the blood from coagulating. Making it so blood can continue to pump out of her. Again I get that you were coming from a good place but that is a misunderstanding of what’s going on with the fish that hate to see. Especially coming from such a predominant figure in the fishing world.

  6. Great video, I learned a lot today that I`ll try in the very near future. Thanks for sharing, maybe try using a digital scale to get an idea of the fishes weight. They were all nice, the big one looked to be in the 7 to 8 lb. class, beautiful fish.

  7. I use to cry when ppl took fish home to eat. 😂 I'm so happy ppl catch and release them. Bass are my best friends. Thank you bro for letting them go. I Salute you.

  8. This morning a bass hit my t rig by some weeds but I couldn’t set the hook with the right timing but I casted again and the same thing happened again. I finally caught it after 4 tries and I know it is the same fish because it was the same spot and I saw a damaged fin on the first strike and it had the same fin.

  9. nope i eat the fish i like the fish i like to know the fish it feeds me its feeds others if it works i'll use it as much as it works i am not out there to hurt them i'm out there to hunt kill quickly and keep my self and others alive but i do respect but to me they are food i don't enjoy the ketch i enjoy the cook and the lives they save thank you for fish!

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