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In this video, I am fishing a small clear water pond in the middle of the city!
There are bass everywhere in this pond, and I am constantly seeing them on beds and in the deeper water, and I catch the biggest ones from right under me!



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  1. Your method of landing fish is so awkward and is costing you. Grab the line and lift the fish or grab the line to control how much he can swim around. Crazy how much time you spend letting him flop at the bank..

  2. I live near a clear lake where their all on their beds and getting mean, I caught 8 of em' today just like you did here.

  3. Quit bed fishing please…the females will dump or absorb the eggs…we lose the spawn from catching bedding females…even most bass tournaments banded bed fishing

  4. Hey this was so much fun to watch! I buyed a kastking bfs reel valiant eagle 2. I already have a abu garcia revo premier gen 2 but am searching for a extra similar reel as the revo premier gen 2 or gen 3. Does kastking has a reel that is a tiny bit better than the revo premier gen 2? I want i little lighter reel with the same spool capacity and power for cover fishing.

  5. One time I remember the wind was blowing like 20-30mph into this cove and it had an Eddy on the top where it branched out and I saw at least a thousand catfish in there they were suspended on top because someone was feeding the ducks bread there and I guess they never ate it cause I saw em feeding on slices of bread.

  6. An old trick. Take an alka seltzer and tie it to your bait and get it in front of the big female. She can’t resist the action and bubbles. She won’t try to eat it. Just suck it in and blow it out real quick but you’ll have about a second to set the hook. Good luck!

  7. I love this pre-spawn/staging part of the year. I just toss a Keitech with a weighted EWG out there, watch them circle and BAM! Hopefully just another week or so up here.

  8. Love the video may I ask a question. When you fish fish off their beds and release them do the fish go back to that bed to defend their eggs or did we just mess up that bed? I always felt bad for doing that and stopped because I didn't know if the mother would come back to defend her eggs.

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