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Fishing The NEW Bass Mafia Daingerous Swimbait (Insane Eats)

Today I went fishing with the brand NEW Daingerous Swimbait! Designed by Professional Bass Fishermen Chris Zaldain. Today I took it out and put it to the test. May or may not have caught some GIANTS!

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  1. You're the best fisherman in the whole wide world! If I told you that you were the most attractive, you just might not want to hear that coming from someone likeme. 🤣

  2. i wonder if he's talking about the WCZ Citizen or Battle Shad. i've never bought any of those b/c i think there are swimbaits out there (like this new daingerous swimbait) that look just as good in the water and will the get the same bites for a fraction of the cost. and might even be more durable. and easier to get your hands on (i drove 10 minutes to my local bass pro and bought some of these no problem)

  3. If you'd slow the retrieve down would have more fish in the boat, just saying, if you watch Chris Z he reels insanely slow, however you're entertaining to watch.

  4. Damn Ya needs a good slap upside your noggin, get ahold of yourself son. That ADHD is Jitter Buggin all out your whole body. Give the fish a two count, then set the hook! Ya can thank me later…

  5. Omgosh it’s a GIANT…….LETS gooooooo……lol why are you yougoobers all 🌈 🌈🌈 4 and a half pounder ain’t no giant bud lol idiots

  6. Great video man, I just got mine in the mail the other day for a tournament next weekend. I cannot wait to throw it. Thanks for your tips and showing us all the action. Pretty cool man. I will subscribe and like the video as well. Lets goooooo

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