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PERFECT Bank Fishing Kit for SPRING Bass!

I’ve got a SWEET unboxing of the Bank Fishing kit from Lurenet! I’ll give you an up-close look at the lures in the bag and talk about how I plan to use them. I can’t wait for spring to try these!


Use code “DEBO15” to save 15% on ANYTHING at Pick up a limited bag before the 300 are gone! You do have to create an account to use the code FYI!

Good 2.5 Squarebill & Lipless Combo!
Lew’s Team Signature Series (7′ Med Crank KVD)
Shimano Curado K Baitcaster –
P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon (15lb)

Good Multi-Purpose Combo that will work for small swimbaits!
Dobyns Fury 733 –
13 Fishing Inception SZ –
P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon (15lb)

Awesome Budget Combo!
Daiwa Airx X –
Abu Garcia Max X Baitcaster –
Trilene XL (12lb)



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  1. It's true; not a lot of channels are geared towards the bank angler. But you do a great job representing us and giving us real advice. So, thank you.
    I like that idea of the jerkbait. I have a couple that suspend (supposedly) but need to try one that floats.

  2. Hellgremmites are key in the rivers. I will still get a screen, kick up rocks and stuff and get live ones, but after making my own I don't get live ones as often, but nothing compares to em. Any time of the year trout will come out of the blue just to eat it. The one sleeper category are Bugs, namely because people are too imaptient to fish em, they think the more casts the more opertunity to catch a fish, when reality you can cast 20 times and only get one or two fish, while I'll get a better hook up ratio with less casts. Knowledge is key.

  3. Debo, thanks. I got a fairly decent hybrid on the Smithwick jerk bait this past weekend. We have a warmer and earlier spring than normal this year in Central Texas and the water is warming quickly.

    I appreciate you going over various lures from different vendors. Too many of the guys I watched tout their sponsor stuff, but you give us a full range of what is out there. I ordered that jerkbait after I watched this video and wanted to comment on it. I fish in some pretty shallow rivers and lakes, so the deeper diving stuff WILL get snagged. This one ran shallow enough for me to catch a couple of decent hybrids and a smallie.

    Fish on brother and thanks for teaching this old dog some new tricks.

  4. My favorite thing concerning the lure net bag was the Z-Man hook you used on the hellgrammite. I know it's not in the bag but I got to buy myself some. I do like that shallow jerk bait.

  5. I'm officially an "old guy", in my 70th year and as such, pretty set in my ways. Been bass fishing since 1976 and still have my Shakespeare 1980 president's model baitcaster with the original ugly stick medium heavy (brioomstick) rod, and use it for flipping and punching as well as my frogging setup. So, I saw your video from a couple of years back, showing how to fish a Tokyo Rig. "naw" I said…"just another gimmick, ". But over the winter, I was looking at some of your older vids and decided to throw the Tokyo Rig just enough to prove it's "gimmick-ness"

    About five minutes later, I caught what will probably be my PB for the year…first cast this spring. I threw it just outside of a submerged bush 2 feet from the bank. I'm kinda sorry I caught her so close to the bank because she weighed in at 8lbs 2 oz. I would have loved to fight her more, but what the heck. I caught her on a Abu Black Max baitcaster and a Ethos H20 Express heavy/fast rod.

    Just goes to show old guys can learn from you youngsters, 😉

    Thanks Devon

  6. As a Nebraskan just getting back into fishing purely from the bank, I appreciate the heck out of your videos. So much useful information. Thanks Debo! (Even if you're an Iowa fan Hah)

  7. I absolutely LOVE the Yum Dinger 5 inch in bream colour. However, i fish many of the Yim dingers on various colours. Awesome baits but a bit soft. Breaks quite easily. This is an awesome bank angler box, Debo. Pity we don't get something like this here in South Africa.

  8. Hey, Debo – I kinda like the bank angler focus since I am primarily one of them – I might have to try the finesse spinner bait, and in the coleslaw color – several Channels touting that color lately – keep up the good content
    Larry H – SW Indiana bank tromper

  9. Thank you for letting me use ur code. It came today super good stuff. Uncle Frank even had a rigging guide for the hellgrammites. The live with him and Dizzle was informative

  10. I think that jerkbait will be a fish catching machine! Great color! I also enjoy the war eagle. I seem to have great luck with war eagle brand. The small buzz baits from war eagle are excellent as well!

  11. I like the Norman lure for crankbait. The smithwick jerkbait for casting. The hellgrammite is good for trout and bass.Thank you for the video. I like this lure net bank kit. Gina and Ray.

  12. Stoked about those Yum hellgramite lures!!! Other brands makes nice ones, but they're so flipping expensive. Yum seems to know that alot of people that fish are on a budget. Love your channel Debo!!!

  13. That's awesome to see these kits geared for bank anglers. That jerkbait looks like it could kill it on small ponds and rivers. It would be perfect for shallow water near any panfish.

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