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Major League Fishing Invitational at Clarks Hill – Jacob Wheeler

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  1. I was there behind the camera when DC got called out and I’m calling him out too about message me about them ponds with big bass because I’ll come catch them lol. Well I even sent Brody a picture last night of a big eyes betty from a few weeks ago at a different pond lol

  2. I'm so glad that your able to film while fishing because when watching the tournament they don't show how your catching them or much of you, they do show some of catches though, I would think that you had a great 1st day bag, I know how it ends, but forward to day 2👍

  3. A shout out to the camera crew. You do such a great job. Without you… We wouldn't get this amazing footage. Much respect! Brody.. I'm talking about you.

  4. Just Wondering if you have ever done a video on your spinning rod and reel setup? Great fishing today for the whole house. Glad to see MDJ catching ‘em today.

  5. Yo Jacob was keeping up with u and dustin all day, ima have a vid out on norman from our high school tourny there Saturday, prob wont help much cuz youll be on them by then, best of luck

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