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Saving Fish Abandoned in DRIED UP CREEK!

In today’s video, I find a dried up creek FILLED with fish that needed to be saved! There were gar, snakehead, clown knife fish, and MASSIVE snapping turtles that were living in the mud. We rescued as many as we could and transported them to my backyard pond where they can live the rest of their lives!




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  1. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait in the beginning Were you breaking the law be gone ( by Going) Through the fence There was a lock on the fence sooooooooooooo But I'm still happy there are people like you Saving animals I mean see animals that is the best thing I'm saying in a while

  2. Why are you saving a snakehead? Aren't they nuisance fish? Don't be so kind hearted for a fish that eats all the food so your native fish die. You are so kind to save the fish, and Snappy sure is awesome. I have never seen a turtle 🐢 😳 like Snappy.

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