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Bass Fishing URBAN Ponds Using Google Maps (HOW TO FIND?)

Thank y’all for hanging out today! What did y’all think? What do you want to see coming up this year? Im excited to share some of the videos we have planned!

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  1. I fish that 280 location all the time. They just ask that I don’t fish there during the week so I only fish there in the weekends. Caught a 5.03 lb Sunday there.

    Keep making these great videos!!!

  2. Larry you have to adopt the cat and make 'em your fishing buddy, it's destiny 💜😂 Great to see you guys get on 'em! Love me some Google maps adventures to new waters, and Google Earth (for PC) can be super useful to learn more about new waters!

  3. As a former bucee employee it’s not worth it it is HORRIBLE AND they don’t not keep anything clean the health inspector of my town Almost shut is down like 15 times in one year

  4. Pro tips:
    Soda has citric acid, which can help fish stop bleeding

    The download version of Google earth for desktop has really great imaging and directions for finding access to water, and syncs with with google earth for browser so you can find state maps for bot launches etc

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