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Skinny Creek Bass fishing – lost count after 20 fish! Berry NSW

Keen for a bass fix Adam and I travelled to Berry to take on the brackish up-reaches of Broughton Creek. Targeting Aussies Bass on small surface and sub-surface lures. Adam is a well known local fishing gun with tonnes of experience in creek and estuary systems.


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  1. Years and years ago me and my buddy fished the Huron river by walking up stream we used to catch smallmouth bass, rock bass, and blue gills almost every cast. Used a 10 foot fly rod with a Shimano 1000 reel, with 2 pound test and a mepps vibratic in-line spinner size O or OO. It was deadly good. A little bit of feather on the treble shank made a HUGE difference! Man that was so much fun! Took some practice to cast the rod though. Kinda a combination of fly rod, and a cast presentation.

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