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Stay tuned as the boys grab some gear at academy and head to the river in search for some hungry fish. Comment below what you want to see us film next!

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We are a team of avid bass fishermen for over 20 years. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for contests and giveaways

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  1. So Googan Squad is like the cool kids club for fishing youtubers? Kinda seems like the older members sit back and cash in on all the newer members creating content and advertising their bait(merch) in an attempt to be part of the club. Videos are like the fishing version of Dude Perfect. Fake misplaced energy with no real substance. Guess it is entertaining for around a million people though. I guess I prefer watching someone I can learn from. Not that these guys aren't knowledgeable but the videos are just the same old regurgitated challenges and stuff. Hard to find good content in general on youtube anymore, All about quantity rather than quality anymore. Gotta play the algorithm right?

  2. Hey it’s fishing If it was called catching everyone would do it 🙂 love y’all’s videos blessings from Va world love to link and go down on some Florida raised bass here in Va

  3. Love me some 1Rod, but the screaming is sometimes waaaay tooo much! It'll be a dink and he's like OoooooooOOH it's a tank guys! I'M NOT EVEN JOKIIIING! and then it's a dink. Ease up a bit on that Mike. It's gotten a little out of control. LOL

  4. what's up with the serious lack of videos now on the googan channel? getting sick of seeing the dudes do the same most expensive VS cheapest stuff, ect. where is the inspiration at dudes

  5. 1rod literally ruins these videos when he screams and yells for no reason. screaming doesn't make a video any better to watch so i dont know why he acts like that. googan videos are so much better when 1rod isnt in them.

  6. Just got my first monthly shirt from y’all, recently got into fishing and it’s my first fishing t shirt lol, googan sent out 2 packs of soft baits with my shirt, I couldn’t believe it lol that’s a deal right there for just the bait! You guys are awesome thanks!

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