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Big Baits Catch BIG Fish

Using big bait to catch big hybrid bass. Fishing tips and techniques bass fishing one of Oklahoma’s best wiper lakes.


Location: Fort Cobb Lake Oklahoma
Air Temp: 85 degrees
Water Temp: 74 degrees
Wind: 10-25 mph
Species: Hybrid Striped Bass, Sandbass, Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, Drum
Baits: Gizzard Shad
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  1. Those were some chonky fish! I also might've snorted the water I was drinking at the cricket & bullfrog effect you did for Uncle Tim. That reminds me, I still need to show you that deadsticking rig I was promising to show you. Sure, it's hot now but it'll deadsticking weather before you know it.

    In other news, Sheila's skeg is all fixed, just in time for my mom and sister to visit. If they can take the heat I'm gonna try and get them out on either Sooner or Canton and hook a few big ones.

  2. Grinders!πŸ˜‚

    Thats one of favorite methods of fishing, I'm well known for actually!

    "Grinding it out!"

    Thats actually how my fishing buddy greets me on the phone! "Hey Grinder!"

    I'm thinking the moon phase killed the AM bite. But I'm a friend believer in the 3pm bite though.

    Moon rise is 1am and sets at 1pm, so the AM bite should have been at 7am…the 3pm bite should have been a bit later, closer to 7pm.

    I know most people use moon phase in saltwater (which I certainly did during guiding days) but feeding period do follow moon movements!

    Still looks like you guys had a blast!

    My wife and I are going Monday! 🎣

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