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Lake Fork Winter Bass Fishing Tips: How To Fish A Chatterbait In Cold Water For Big Bass!!!

It’s winter at Lake Fork so here are some some bass fishing tips on how to catch big bass in cold water on a chatterbait! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Question, would changing out the heavier snap swivel on the older chatterbaits to lighter achieve the same application your looking for in the retrieve which would save a lot of money verses buying a more expensive jackhammer?

  2. Chatterbait is my oldest brothers favorite, can’t hardly get him to throw anything else. Lol don’t blame him though sometimes you find a lure that you just have absolute confidence in.

  3. I agree with everything u said. I love fishing the jackhammers and I usually use a zako as my trailer. I need to pick me up some of them lake fork tackle live magic shad!!! Love the vids man keep it up!🤙

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