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RECORD Day of FROG Fishing! (LOADED w/ GIANT Bass)

In this bass fishing video I have a record day of frog fishing! This is loaded with giant bass! What is your favorite frog to go frog fishing with? What is the biggest bass you’ve caught while frog fishing? Do you go frog fishing often? Have you ever caught a giant bass while frog fishing? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / frog fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the frog bass fishing videos / giant bass fishing videos. Now lets go catch some giant bass while frog fishing!

Last Frog Fishing Video –

Another Frog Fishing Video –

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  1. Maybe it’s just me but I really hate the way all these yankees wind in their fish. Seems to be that all this fisherman treat these fish the exact same, or maybe I’m being abit sensitive

  2. Can you do a more in depth Tip video on how to use Frogs. Cause I have one but I think I'm using it incorrectly. One designed about where to fish, what type of action to give things like that. I know color doesn't really matter per say.

  3. I learned in our family big pond in Indiana when I’m using a frog I wait 2 seconds I’ve only ever lost 3 fish on a frog and I love em

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