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Here is another bass video since season is on its way. I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as the other one. The other video is doing really well so I decided to post another one. Hope you guys enjoys these monster bass. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed. Check out the original videos linked below.

1. Palmetto Backlands TV

2. Ty PigPatrol

3. Casting with Kasen


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  1. The biggest fish I’ve ever caught (helped catch) was a 38 lb catfish. We were night fishing on a lil rowboat. We had some lines out, and were asleep. My dad wakes up my brother and I, yelling excitedly “fish on fish on, this bitch is big. Grab the net, grab the net”.

    That fish ended up breaking his reel, so he grabbed the oar and wrapped up the line with that until I could get it in the net. I know there’s bigger fish out there, but to catch something that big really fills you with pride. Shits not easy to get in.

  2. Hell yeah , I like catching the ones that leave you speechless 😜 That first one is funny. You can tell he doesn't realize how big it is till he's lipped it or netted it and got it in !! 😂

  3. Put the fuckin fish back! God damn it irritates me when these guys catch a legend and just stand there forever holding it like "motherfucker take a pic and set that beautiful beast free!"

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