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Topwater Frog Fishing! (Big Blowups)

Topwater frog fishing and big bass blowups! Subscribe for more topwater fishing videos

Reel: Lews 7.5:1
Line: 17 lb Stren mono:

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  1. See i live on bear creek lake in alabama.. i have the hardest time catching any bass over 2lbs its kinda unreal. see im from florida where the bass are just living in your living room. any tips for this lake @bamabass?

  2. Iโ€™m so jealous. Not of the fish or location but the fact you have a wife that fishes with you or even cares about something youโ€™re enthusiastic about. My wife never even asks me if I caught anything when I get home.

  3. I love your videos . I just ordered some SPRO frogs , popper and spit frog . I just got in to frog fishing and have had success but miss a lot of fish to , i'm using 14 lb mono and a 6.6' MH rod , do you think I should change to a 7' H and use braided line would that help ?

  4. Just found your channel – not sure how I've missed it before but dam it's good. Your video work is top drawer. Please keep it up. thanks for taking us along.

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