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Pro Tip for Finding Bass On Any Lake | Bass Fishing Beginner Guide

Are you having trouble finding bass on your fishery? In this video, I share more advice from Rick Clunn about how to divide a lake into sections to find bass faster and more consistently. This is a great video for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fisherman alike and will be the bases for many of my videos in the future. Hope you enjoy the tips!


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  1. Where did you get the number 40% from? How do you know that 40% of bass stay in the creek year around. What studies can you point to or is this something you heard from someone, and you take it as gospel?

  2. I had an awesome fall and winter crappie fishing season on my river after I realized if I could find at least 12' of water on the middle 1/3 of a slough that it held crappie.
    This video made me think of creeks in 1/3rds.

  3. Amazing. Very well done.
    But all the advise in the world wont catch fish. Neither will all the toys. Time on the water will teach you to read the water. Stick to your strong lures. The one that's working for you. Find what they like and hone in. Most important thing is the spot on the spot. Find that and it always work. Pros know what I mean. Compare new methods to old and well they both work but only the old is reliable. Expierence will teach you the basics always prevails in the long run. I have 40 years experience and I live on the hardest lake in the world. At least within 5 states in the southeast. Any guesses. Tight lines.

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