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Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour | Lake Miller Big Bass Hotspot | Gourd Island

Did some fishing on Lake Miller to figure out a pattern for big bass and stumbled across a little something something!

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  1. This DLC and a lot of others are SHIT. I have 80lb test and a little 8lb Bass and 25 lb Muskie/ Pike are breaking my line, how does this happen, how does my rod and reel which are the best in the game, break the line ??? Lake Miller is the worst so far but there are many other severe problems with breaking line. It's obvious that the makers of this game don't have a frikkin clue about fishing or gear. Also, the latency between when I strike the fish and when the game tells me is TERRIBLE, 2 TO 4 second delay, then it has the clueless balls to tell me that "I'M LATE", what the fuck is this ???? STUPIDITY !! DON'T BUY THIS GAME until they fix these DLC's and the physics of the original game, total rip off. If you want to see a fish on your line, wait up to 4 seconds with your rod in the air, then it tells you "TOO LATE", then go ahead and buy this piece of useless shit. I wrote them 4 days ago and they are probably slapping each others little balls, trying to wake eachother up to the point of actually having a brain. What a "could have been great game" if they had someone with intelligence working there. PURE SHAME !!!

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