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Paddle Tail Swimbaits in a GRASSY Lake Catch Bass! (Beast Coast Miyagi Produces AGAIN)

I always keep a paddle tail swimbait tied on when I’m fishing a grassy lake. I rigged the Beast Coast Miyagi on a weedless hook and set off to find some evening bass. The ability to run the weedless swimbait through any cover is truly an invaluable tool for bank anglers. Join me as I catch some fish, explain the setups, and drop a few tips along the way. Thanks for watching FEESHIN FRIENDS!

COMMENT BELOW and let me know if you’re having luck with a paddle tail swimbait!

**The Lure That Caught Fish**

Beast Coast Miyagi (Secret Ayu)

** My Paddle Tail Swimbait Combo **

Abu Garcia Revo AL-X (replaces by the Revo AL-F linked below)

G Loomis E6X (7’5″ Heavy)

50# Daiwa J-braid


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  1. Here in Central Texas, some of the smaller lakes and ponds get choked with what we call the spring grass bloom. The bottom of these places just get choked with dense grasses and it can be a challenge to keep your bait from getting overpowered by the grasses. I lost my first lipless of the year in that mess, so when the grasses subside by early summer, it should be fine.

    What I absolutely slayed them on my first weekend out was the Miyagi. They didn't just hit it, they attacked it. The bites were super aggressive, and I mean vicious. I fished it half the day and landed some decent fish, mostly between two and three lbs.

    I thought the miyagi was too big when I first saw it on this channel (this very video) but it's not. It has worked for me even when the whacky rig was being ignored.

  2. My favorite part was the black screen when you are holding up the fish, "1.5 lbs" says debo, I should do this, have someone video me after dark thirty, and hold up nothing and say " 8lbs 10 oz" then I can change my handle !!!

  3. I don't know if you're going to read this debo but im geting my fist baitcaster it's a rod and reel combo the two choices I have our lunkerhunt or Abu Garcia any suggestions

  4. Ordered four packs of the Miyagi Swimmers, they came in last week and they look great but with this Waterloo weather, ain’t gone be no fishing for a couple more months lol

  5. My best day of feeshin in the last five years was yesterday on a paddle tail.  Multiple 2-3 lbers and lost count of total fish.  Thanks for the tip about using the tail after its destroyed for a jig trailer.   Recent sub after watching lots of your vids.  Keep up the fine work in the feeshin world.

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