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Amazing Underwater Footage of 10 Underspins and Swimbaits!!

Come underwater and see why bass eat Underspins in the Fall! We’re comparing 10 different underspin and swimbait …


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  1. Neato cool, but were you sleeping while narrating? Lots less energy describing the underwater views than before or after. I put the footage to use with those Owner underspins and the Keitech 4" easy shad bodies lately. Effective combo on wind blown shores at a local lake for bass and Crappie with big dreams

  2. A true test of how good a underspin really is. Fish them with no grub or body just the underspin alone. And see how many fish a person will catch. Then use the same underspin with a grub body and see if the bite ratio goes up or not.

  3. Who invented the "Laterally spaced Spinner" ? Google it, that would be cool if you could include the original one that got the Spin Jig market to take off. Maybe next video I can hook you guys up with some.
    Love your videos, thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

  4. I would like to see the difference between the rigging options and only one or two baits; been looking at your channel andYouTube at large and can't find one with a weighted hook, swim jig and swinging swim jig all together.

  5. Ty for taking the time to make this video. Very very helpful!!! Ty again. 😊

    The Gospel of John, when you're ready, friend!🔥

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