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Nearly Every Angler Rigs Their Swimbaits All Wrong…

Randy gives tips and advice on rigging a Swimbait…#bassmaster #fishing #bassfishing #bass #fishingdaily #angler #catchandrelease #fish #fishingtrip

Lake map breakdowns…

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  1. Have you noticed that everybody Riggs everything wrong except for you. How many videos do you have with this title. I unsubscribed a long time ago because of this but still you pop up Every now then and it's the same. Still not watching.

  2. “All your concerned with is penetration” my wife reminds me of that daily. Came here for fishing tips, left with calling out of work and heading home to the wife.

    Great video!

  3. By threading closer to the edge you're creating higher potential for the bait to tear, which is precisely what you demonstrated here when you tore the bait. This advice is not good.

  4. Might work with Zoom, Strike King etc., but Keitech are so soft that the hook will quickly slide through at the bend and destroy the bait and the action.

  5. I like that randy. I use round jig heads but they come with big light wire hooks. Peanut lures. 18, 3/16, 1/4 ounce with 6/o and they go down from there. I think it puts to much hook to far back in the swim bait therfore reducing the action. Trying this way next trip.

  6. this rigging is not accurate. i have a secret hand made jig-head where the hook point lays on top of the bait. there is zero hook above the bait. i fish for small mouth exclusively. i dont miss fish. not only that if you rig it Randys way you will be lucky to get 1 fish before the bait rips.

  7. I understand what you are saying, but I will stick to the usual way. First must say I'm primarily a walleye fisherman. The way you do it is basically the same as using a larger hook. A 17" walleye has much smaller mouth than a 17" largemouth or even a smallmouth bass. I don't what that larger hook profile interfering with them sucking it in. And with a walleye's teeth, they will destroy your swimbait much faster. Love the Mega Bass swimbait head, just wish they made it in 1/2 or 5/8 oz with same hook for when I'm fishing 20-40' of water in the Columbia River. Most fish head design jig heads go to a much larger bass type hook which doesn't work for me. Larger walleye have no issue sucking in the larger hook but for eating fish I prefer 17-20" fish.

  8. I thank you so much, Randy for that Valuable Tip on threading a Swimbait !! I try and try hard to thread the Jigheads on Straight and in the Correct Position ,but 90% of the time , they turn out Screwed Up and Look Terrible to me !!! I sure wish I could make'm look as Nice as yours do !!!

  9. Wouldn't somebody make a bait that has less meat under the hook part so it accomplishes the same thing but keeps it straighter? Or maybe bend the hook point out a little? Or trim the ribs under the hook, like we've been shown on other rigs?

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