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This Lure Finds Bass – Period | Basics of Hard Body Swimbaits

Hard Body swimbaits are great lures for both finding and catching bass. Here are the basics of equipment and retrieves for this lure. Links to hard body swim baits are below.

Mach Shad 3 1/2″ Swim Bait (Used in video):
Bull Shad:

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Links to some of my favorite lures from Omnia Fishing – a great online site from Minnesota. A bunch of terrific anglers who love to help you find the lures you are looking for. You can even search by lake!

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Damiki Jig Head:
Baby Z Too for Damiki Rig:

Strike King Thunder Cricket Bladed Jig:

Swim Jigs
KVD Tour Grade Swim Jig:
Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig:

KVD Squarebill 1.5:
KVD Squarebill 2.5:
KVD Squarebill Hard Knock:

Soft Plastics
KVD Dream Shot:
KVD Half Shell:
KVD Perfect Plastics Rodent:
Rage Tail Menace Grub:
Rage Bug:

KVD Splash Popper:
Strike King Tri-Wind Buzzbait:
KVD Sexy Frog:
KVD Sexy Dawg:

Rod and Reels:
Lew’s Pro SP Skipping/Pitching Reel:
Lew’s Mach Crush Spinning:
Lew’s XD Crankbait Rods:
Lew’s KVD Graphite Casting Rods:
Lew’s KVD Composite Cranking Rods:
Lew’s KVD Spinning Rods:
Lew’s KVD Baitcast Reels:
Lew’s KVD Spinning Reels:

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  1. I have used these types of lures with limited success. After watching this video, I think my retrieve and the places I fished them had all to do with my poor success! I'm going to dig them back out of my tackle box and give them a try again. Thanks for the great underwater footage of the lure Steve! Since I have found your channel, I have learned a lot from you. Keep it up!

  2. At fourteen bucks a pop? I don't think so. I just bought a similar hard bait off of the Temu site, along with a few other hard baits that will equal or better the performance of these more expensive baits.
    The fish we're trying to catch could care less how much you pay for fishing lures. If money was no object for me, I'd just buy the lures you're trying to sell here. Unfortunately for me, I am budget conscious. Paying two dollars and seventy-five cents with free shipping for a similar hard bait makes a whole lot more sense to me than paying 14-bucks plus shipping.

  3. In my central Florida lakes not many people will buy a 50 dollar bait and sling the heavy as can be lure out as far as they can and then watch it land like a 5gal bucket of concrete and do that repeatedly for a full session. I'm thinking those of us that do get fewer bites but man the bigs just keep falling for it. I can't put it down

  4. I just discovered your channel, and I've got to tell you, I love your videos. You touch on so many things I have questions about. I subbed and will watch every one of your videos most likely multiple times!

  5. I remember KVD said if he could have kept one secret it would have been the jointed lure he won a tournament on a very long time ago. If you know that article or tournament let me know.

  6. Gotta try that Bucca Bull Shad, if you haven't. I like the slow sink model. You can keep it up in the water column, like a topwater, or let it sink down. Give it a twitch every now and then.

  7. That's sorta along the lines of how I feel whenever I head out to the lake – I'm pretty much junk fishing until I'm not. I might have a plan of attack, as it were, but I still have to adjust retrieves and sizes until I get it dialed in. So I always have this feeling that I'm kinda junk fishing.

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