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My Top 3 Baits For Bass Fishing In March

March Is the month to get out and catch the BIG ONES! I love the month of March for bass fishing! In most parts of the country those bass are starting their pre spawn phase and this Is when they’ll be more aggressive and FEEDING UP. These 3 baits will work no matter where you are, right now!
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Filmed/edited by: Oklahoma’s Worst Angler


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  1. I tried some of your baits you recommended and I caught one of the biggest bass I've ever caught! 6 lb largemouth bass! I'm in Southern Indiana. That's good size for this area. Thank you for the advice!!

  2. Thanks for the bait tips. I’ve been out of fishing for a while. My 12 yr old son is wanting me to take him, so I am trying to learn what I can to help him. Thanks again.

  3. The baits I have the hardest time catching fish with. Getting better with the jerk bait, but spinner bait and top water are tough for me. I want to catch them on more of a variety, but I usually go back to a Senco or Ned Rig. Love watching! I watched the interview with Andy Montgomery again. Awesome time

  4. Taking my 5 and 6 year old boys fishing tomorrow…thanks for the information on possible baits and lures to use. Being a novice myself, all info is appreciated.

  5. This has been a warmer than normal match water here in GA has been low to mid 60's but the bass are not moving w the weather their biological clock is behind lol

  6. 3 below this morning! Still have 2 feet of ice!😩COME ON OPEN WATER!! Thanks always for videos, keep them coming. I hope you have a fantastic rest oof the week!

  7. Thanks for these bait breakdowns. Coming from living 20 years in the northeast and now down in SC, your videos have helped me a lot to adjust to the souther water. I always enjoy your videos.

  8. Edwin, being an okie also, I always hope you win, because you’re a great spokesperson for bass fishing. I watch all tournaments you’re fishing in and again, holler support for you. There’s one fisherman I cannot stand, but I won’t drop his name. When things are going good, he’s the one making it happen, but when it’s going bad, it’s his lure or equipment or something else. I’ve recently started kayak bass fishing here in Oklahoma, it only took 66 years to start tournament fishing, but I fulfilled one of my bucket list item. So I hope you do good this year and I’ll be watching! TLC in Oklahoma

  9. Hey brother I appreciate the advice , I’m just getting into tournament fishing with my son and these videos have helped me more than anything. 😊 Thanks alot!!!

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