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Top 5 Baits for Spring Bass Fishing on Clear Lake

Well it’s snowing up here in Lake County and it doesn’t feel like spring but don’t let the weather fool you. The bigs are still on the move and the length of day dictates more fish behavior then weather. In my opinion. Hope y’all enjoy this video and try to throw some of these baits around on Clear Lake this Spring.
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  1. Looking for some help first time heading up to clear lake from cen valley worried about the weather and failing inspection any places out of the county I can get pre inspected before I head up? Thanks for any help.

  2. Hey bro I live in lake county as well . I have a kayak that I use not yet able to fund a boat . I have a quick question when your fishing are you using live scope or live target ect you get what I'm saying right . I've been having a hard time locating these schools everyone been on lately . I'm just wondering is it that they are all using that live scope ect and it's not just me and what I'm doing … I mean I'm still catching fish but it's been a grind.. I'm watching your videos and wondering if the reason your able to get on so many fish like you do is help with that live scope

  3. Great report thank you so much. I always appreciate them. A trick I use for the jerk bait to at least get the fish in as I always upgrade the hooks and use a very soft rod. My success went up after I made those changes I was getting them in. Specially those new hooks and a super soft rod.

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