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THREE Bass Fishing Baits To Use In March & CATCH MORE FISH

Which THREE bass fishing baits and lures should you use in the month of March to catch more fish? Let’s look at my top three bass fishing baits to use and why. From underwater footage, to why and when you should use these three large mouth bass fishing lures when the bass and moving up, they will help you catch more fish in March. March is a great transition month of pre-spawn, spawning and post spawn bass through out the country. These are three great bass fishing lures that will work anywhere, as long as you fish them correctly and are patient.
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Reels: Shimano

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  1. Thanks brother for the three tips. I’ve always enjoyed using a crawl creature bait and I use it on a wobble head. What is your opinion on that? I will definitely try the other two along with one of my favorites, a Colorado spinner bait.

  2. I’m over in Eustis. Haven’t seen any bass bedding around my dock yet. They usually are this time of year. Do you think the structure Gil or dark sleeper are good choices around beds?

  3. March for me in Massachusetts is a Chatterbait slow rolled just off the bottom , a lipless yo-yo retrieved,and either a jerkbait a paddle tail with a ball head jig for weight or a jig . Winter was mild so I have high hopes the bass will get active early

  4. Excellent choices indeed. As far as what I am going to use it will involve a jig, either hair or silicone, also a creature bait as you suggested and of course a vibrating jig well because I love to fish a vibrating jig. Ps you can also bounce and hop them around as well. Thanks for sharing and "catch" you later. Prost!

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