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Legendary LARGEMOUTH BASS Location Easy How To Catch RDR2

Location and easy How To for the Legendary LARGEMOUTH BASS in Red Dead Redemption 2. You will need the special River Lure. This one is can be tricky. I had trouble with the spot to catch it. Take your time and use the special River lure. Thanks for watching. Please like and Sub if this video helps you out.


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  1. If you cant find it, for me it was slightly further right and I used deadeye and saw the big fish. There's only one big fish here, which is the legendary bass.

  2. Thank you very much!

    This advice was exactly what I was looking for.

    I've caught 10 regular bass on the other side of that puddle.

    Tried it one time on the other side and got the legendary bass on my first try.

    Small side note:

    The nearest post office is at Benedict Point to the west, south of Tumbleweed.

    When I caught the fish, the post office at Benedict point was blinking on my mini map. It is always the closest one that is showing on your mini map.

  3. Still isn't working for me . I did your method and everything . 32 regular largemouth bass later and I'm convinced it doesn't exist in my game . The only fish I'm missing too 😣

  4. Thanks so much. I caught all other legendary fish on my first attempt but struggled here and could only catch regular largemouth bass. Got one straight away using your method. it was the last legendary fish I needed.

  5. Hey man doing my 100% completion and I was doing the same thing left side of the Little pond once the right side got it in the first cast it's like a weird spawn location thing

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