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I Helped a Stranger Catch his Biggest Fish Ever

In this fishing video I helped a stranger catch his biggest fish ever! It’s was a blessing getting William out on the water and having him catch his biggest fish ever. Let me know if you like these fishing videos / biggest fish ever fishing videos. Also make sure to check out part 1 below. Now let’s go help this stranger catch his biggest fish ever!

Part 1 –

Lews X KTBTv Combos –

Last Fishing Video –

Another Fishing Video –

More Fishing Videos –

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  1. Im not sure how ive not seen ur videos before but man they are great !! This video and the one u gave a dt too were awsome , good on you dude

  2. He was so nice! That is fantastic to see. 2 strangers that just met, doing what they love. William was so happy. His laugh is infectious! This world needs alot more of that. Awesome Noah! Congratulations to both if you 👏

  3. I’d be so grateful for an experience like this. You make it look so easy man, some days I go out and get my hopes up and it’s just rough as a beginner. Give a man a fish he’s fed for a day, teach him and he’s fed for a lifetime!

  4. Hey Noah that was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time. God bless you buddy. If you are ever in east Orlando you can take this old guy fishing. Tell Steve I said hello. Have a great day tight lines C-Ya

  5. This speaks volumes about u. And this is why I love watching ur vidoes it almost brought tears to my eyes because it brought back memories off me and my dad and grandpa fishing when I was a teenager. Thank you for being the kind guy u are ur genaration needs alot more like u.

  6. What makes this so special is that the experience was totally random and that made it genuine and those 2 qualities are very rare. Especially in the world of YouTube. As a creator and a person I applaud you brother awesomeness all the way across the board! I have been watching your vids for a minute now but I just subscribed.

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