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I Helped a Stranger Catch his Biggest Fish Ever

In this fishing video I helped a stranger catch his biggest fish ever! It’s was a blessing getting William out on the water and having him catch his biggest fish ever. Let me know if you like these fishing videos / biggest fish ever fishing videos. Also make sure to check out part 1 below. Now let’s go help this stranger catch his biggest fish ever!

Part 1 –

Lews X KTBTv Combos –

Last Fishing Video –

Another Fishing Video –

More Fishing Videos –

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  1. Im not sure how ive not seen ur videos before but man they are great !! This video and the one u gave a dt too were awsome , good on you dude

  2. He was so nice! That is fantastic to see. 2 strangers that just met, doing what they love. William was so happy. His laugh is infectious! This world needs alot more of that. Awesome Noah! Congratulations to both if you πŸ‘

  3. I’d be so grateful for an experience like this. You make it look so easy man, some days I go out and get my hopes up and it’s just rough as a beginner. Give a man a fish he’s fed for a day, teach him and he’s fed for a lifetime!

  4. Hey Noah that was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time. God bless you buddy. If you are ever in east Orlando you can take this old guy fishing. Tell Steve I said hello. Have a great day tight lines C-Ya

  5. This speaks volumes about u. And this is why I love watching ur vidoes it almost brought tears to my eyes because it brought back memories off me and my dad and grandpa fishing when I was a teenager. Thank you for being the kind guy u are ur genaration needs alot more like u.

  6. What makes this so special is that the experience was totally random and that made it genuine and those 2 qualities are very rare. Especially in the world of YouTube. As a creator and a person I applaud you brother awesomeness all the way across the board! I have been watching your vids for a minute now but I just subscribed.

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