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These Creek Bass Were Waiting for ME!!

I love it when a plan comes together. Took my river kayak into the creek to access the mouth of it in hopes to find some hungry smallmouth.


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tfo tactical elite bass http://bit.ly/3ZA52FG
diawa j 8 braid https://bit.ly/3HcgH5U
zman bullet z http://bit.ly/3XD7Tx1
owner blockhead http://bit.ly/3Jh0Plw
zman bullet z http://bit.ly/3XD7Tx1
seaguar red https://bit.ly/3WEsEHa

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Old Town PDL 120 Kayak https://bit.ly/sportsman_creek_fishing

Gopro Hero 10 https://amzn.to/3PLqjHW
gopro kayak wind mic media mod https://amzn.to/3Q2wGq1
Editing Software Filmora Wondershare

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  1. Hey just started seeing your videos and following you and saw your video from the grand. If your ever planning another trip, I've got some places to put you on those big smallies your looking for.

  2. John, your fishing skills are unbelievable and you have such a great time wondering up and down all those beautiful streams, but what I admire most is your dedication to The Lord, please keep up your videos. I am always looking for your latest adventures. God Bless You.

  3. Nice bass out of a good looking creek. So good to see you with that happy smile again ! Just got my CFA cap on Friday and I am loving it ! As always, thank you for the verse. I always look foward to them. Always be safe. Randy B.

  4. Did it take awhile to get that good at casting while moving ? I don't fish near lots of trees, but when I do I don't know what it is but the middle of my line that's out will just float in the wind up and over a branch.

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