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Land of the Giants | Florida Chatterbait Largemouth Bass Fishing

Fishing a chatterbait in Florida, the land of the giants with Jacob Wheeler. Chatterbait with a Gene Larew Hammer Craw Trailer.


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  1. I've seen you on MLF and you won a few tournaments but I favored you because you had a good attitude , I'm glad I found you on utube I will be following your videos , I like the chatterbait and just found out about it on a Brett Hite video , good stuff , I'm no pro just a weekend warrior and my favorite bait is a plastic worm , easy to use and produces fish

  2. What kind of rod, line and reel do you like for chatterbait fishing? I have been using a Powell 7’3” MH, 40lb Braid and shimano cronarch 7.6:1. I have had good success but have to reel so slow otherwise I don’t get any depth. Thanks Jacob. I enjoy your videos,!

  3. Can't thank you enough wheels, surprisingly I'm new to chatter baits even after 42 years of fishing, I just bought a dozen from one of my lure guys. This puts the last nail in the coffin. 🦎👑🐟

  4. Glad to see you have a YouTube channel of your own! Keep up the good work brother. I always enjoyed seeing you pop up on Scott Martin’s or wired to fish. I’ll be looking forward to more videos from you!
    Do you have a particular favorite chatterbait? Have you used the jackhammer and is it worth the money?

  5. What chatterbait are you using Jacob? I’m not liking the newer chatterbaits with the thick blades. I feel like I was able to slow roll so much better with the paper thin blades.

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