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Big Bass on Big Swimbaits- Lake Burton Fishing Guide

Western NC bass fishing guides Austin Neary and TK Beutell of Dream Catcher’s Fishing went out for a day of filming with Drift Media Productions on a public lake in North GA. Throwing an 8″ Huddleston and a Gan Craft 230 Magnum glidebait they were able to catch a GIANT bag and 4 fish over 7lbs with TK’s going 8lb 3oz. Here’s a glimpse of their story and what they are all about!


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  1. Never gets old. Watching our westcoast way of fishing stretching out to the other side of the coastline…y'all need to come to Cali next and get your rod bent. Sick vid bro!!!🤙

  2. There's at least three vids on youtube of dudes catching bass on Hudds off that exact dam wall! LOL. Nothing like trout eaters.

  3. Do you prefer mono or fluoro for glide baits? I have always used mono but I hear guys saying that floro is better on glide baits. I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you in advance. By the way this is an awesome video on how Fishing changes people’s lives. You can tell this kid is pumped for life

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