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Bass Fishing For Beginners – What Lures and Tackle do You Buy First – How to Fish

In this bass fishing for beginners, how to fish video I go to Sportsman’s Warehouse and walk you through the first lures, tackle box, and tackle that you should buy to get started.
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Zoom Trick Worm –
Strike King Mini King –
Strike King Pro Model Spinnerbait –
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Camera – Cannon 80D, GoPro Hero 3 and 5
Camera stands – YoloTek Power Stick
Microphone – Sony UWPD 11/42
Editing Software – Adobe Premiere Pro
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  1. I've grown up fishing but now that I've got a few bicks to start building my collection I can finally get some decent baits and tackle so this video helps show what I should start with and what is more important

  2. You forgot another good rig that i would sugest thats also very versatile. Has been used many times im sure in the bassmaster classic by pros and is proven to catch bass. The carolina rig

  3. Iโ€™ve watched a lot of videos and I know things have changed as well as you mentioned in your other videos that your opinion has also changed over the years. How would this video go today? What changes do you have?

  4. I fished when I was younger with my dad, getting back into it on my own now that I'm done with school.

    Lots of videos for fishing that have "basics" and "for beginners" in the title but already assume a lot knowledge. I really appreciate this true breakdown of the basics!

  5. Iโ€™m going to be teaching a friend how to fish lakes and rivers very soon. I have about 48 years experience with fishing but still love instructional videos. Always learning myself

  6. I literally searched Bass Fishing for Beginners and clicked on the first video I saw. Imagine my joy when you said you were from Chattanooga, and I saw you shopping at the store right down the street from me! Lmao!

  7. Iโ€™m no pro but Iโ€™m busy and practical I teach people how to use in-line spinners easy way to catch bass and easy and fun to use . These videos help

  8. I got into semi-regular/semi-serious fishing in 2020… when I was 39! This was the first video I watched to learn about bass fishing specifically. Thanks to you, I consider myself a real angler now and this was the video that started it all. MUCH APPRECIATION!

  9. Awesome video brother. It's funny when you was talking about baits.i pick the same two you did.i went fishing three time in the last couple of weeks cast everything but the toilet. Didn't get a bite an as soon I put on a black trick worm got a 11/2 pounder then switch to pumpkin an miss about a three pounder.those 2 are always my back up.

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