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Lake St Clair Smallmouth Bass Fishing | How To Catch Smallmouth Post Spawn On Mile Roads 2022

Thanks to my buddy Eric for bringing me out for a great time on Lake St Clair catching smallmouth bass! I threw a green pumpkin Zoom super salty tube on a 1/4oz VMC swimbait jig head, paired on a Daiwa Procaster 80 combo with 12lb Seaguar Invisix. I also threw a STORM Largo Shad 4” swimbait, also on a 1/4oz VMC swimbait jighead, paired with a Piscifun Phantom X baitcaster with a Halo Starlite rod.

Those two things worked consistently, while some other go-to’s didn’t do anything for me. Those were the Strike King coffee tubes, Savage Gear goby and the ZMan TRD ned rig.

We had a great time and it was a beautiful day smashing them smallies!



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  1. Enjoy watching your videos. I like how you put the info of the bait you are using with the type of rod/lines. It'll awesome to let us know depth and type of contour you are choosing to fish Smallies. Good luck and will be watching more future videos. #tightlines

  2. I enjoy your videos! I found your channel from researching information about LSC particularly Anchor Bay. I will be heading up to LSC this Thursday- Friday as have work in MI over the weekend! Hope to get into those Smallies. Just curious what does it mean Mile Roads ? is that a location

  3. Awesome smallie action Joe! That tube was magic for you! I'm making my first trip ever to Lake St Clair next Friday and will be fishing with a guide for musky! Though, I do hope to one day chase smallies on that lake! Great trip!

  4. Been fishing there for years straight out from where your at it’s a awesome fishery but it’s nothing like it was when they didn’t allow caught and release. Still awesome 100 fish days to happen as much as it used to still happens but it was common back then.

  5. Dang, you can't be discreet with 15 boats right next to you! That's a crowed lake. That second was a tank! Nice one Joe. Is that lake loaded with good fish? You guys were killing it!

  6. 1st cast on the tube!! Football indeed brother. What a beautiful smallie Joe! Gotta love when you double up! Dark beauty at 8:30 mark. Great slomo action on that bass! Eric finishing up with a solid one. Great outing guys with a lot of beautiful smallies!

  7. First!!!!

    Man!! Were those some nice smallies you sure know how to catch them mate 👍🏼

    Gotta love the double hook up on a some fat bass,
    For the smaller fish your Bass sure gave up a fight 👍🏼

    Careful on the I don't think he is very big call haha that first call was definitely way off that thing was a football 🏈

    Well done out there killing it on the post spawn fishing 🎣
    Pumping that content out again lately trying my best to keep up haha

    As always awesome vid keep up the great work and tight lines 👍🏼

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