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Summer Bass Fishing Lake Douglas Tennessee (HOT DAY)

In today’s video, Christian and I go to lake Douglas Tennessee to fish this legendary bass fishery for the first time. Douglas lake bass fishing is regarded as one of the best places to fish in the country with countless tournaments on the lake. Douglas lake fishing is a rewarding process that took us some time to figure out, especially since it was my first time on lake Douglas. Douglas lake largemouth bass is easy to locate if you know exactly what you are looking for on the lake. We were after the legendary Douglas lake big bass that we have both heard about but never had a boat to fish it. Douglas lake post spawn bass fishing can be challenging but rewarding if you can figure out where the bass is staging at that day. Dandridge TN fishing has many opportunities to catch some nice bass with many places for anglers to access. We were going to try to locate Douglas lake deep bass but decided to fish up shallow for them. Douglas lake summer bass fishing is hard, especially with the heat the area is known for this time of year but can be rewarding if you put in the time. The lake is located in Douglas lake Dandridge TN and goes through many other towns too. Douglas lake bass fishing can be intimidating with how big the lake is but easy to fish once you figure out a pattern. Douglas lake largemouth thrives in the lake and has an ample food supply from multiple sources to choose from. TVA lake bass fishing is known as one of the best chains of lakes for bass fishing in the country. East Tennessee fishing has many opportunities to catch some massive bass no matter where you go. Douglas lake Tennessee is one of my new favorite places to fish and I can’t wait to go back. Douglas lake deep bass fishing is something we will have to check out next time we go to the lake. Dandrige tn fishing has many places to access by foot to fish for bass. Thanks for watching my video I would appreciate if you subscribed to the channel so we can hit 1000 by the end of the year!



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