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Kayak Tournament with Foothills Kayak Anglers NC. Bass Fishing on Lake Hickory, NC.

You are watching Slowboat Fishing on Lake Hickory as I compete in a new club, Foothills Kayak Anglers NC. It was a tough day on the water as it rained the entire day, in addition we had a 15 degree temp drop. this was definitely the hardest tournament day since starting last year. 8 hours of just being wet, yes I had on rain gear. The boat tournament going out of the same ramp was also challenging as every move I would make had a boat roll up before I could get on it. It was a learning experience and I know how to better to prepare next time. I may have had a decent day if I landed a couple more I hooked up, but that’s fishing.@HouseFishingAdventures #fishing #kayakfishing #bassfishing #oldtownkayak #hookset #spottedbass #wackyrig #winterfishing #bass #funfishing


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