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iKon LX21 Bass Boat – First Look at My New Boat

“Jacob Wheeler and HCB Yachts bring you the iKon LX21” –
First Look at My New Boat! Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. I'm gonna show you the boat, but I'm not gonna show you the boat. Smh, we don't care what you have tied on or what is in your tackle trays.

  2. Can’t wait to see the rest. So far though, lots of gray innovations. Really like the focus on keeping fish alive. That’s what it’s all about in the long run. I bet that shape will push water away from the boat in front of the helm and keep you dry.

  3. Beautiful boat…I love the design. The front deck is huge with the "curve" in there. Lots of storage space too. Good luck with the boat, and with your 2023 season

  4. JW the boat looks great. I see how all that can benefit the pro anglers. But with all the advancements in technology and putting those screens on all the newest boats. The industry has priced itself out of allowing the average weekenders ability to buy boats. It would be great if we could all afford those upgrades but most of us are getting priced out. If this boat-making industry is something you are serious about. You should look at making a quality boat for the average fisherman.

    Best of luck this season.

  5. Jwheels your missing something in that new boat ….you need some Steak jerky from Outdoor Store or Cabelas very good stuff. 😂 I’ve had some & I love it. Ask your boy sizzle 😂

  6. I wish they would get rid of bringing fish back to shore for weight in all together. Having an official on the boat is something that most tournaments do already so just let the length and weight get recorded then put the fish back asap! That is the biggest problem I have with the whole system. I believe that they should limit the amount of tournaments on a body of water each year also. Keep it to 1 a month or less that gives the fishery time to recover and normalize.

  7. Jacob I was the guy in the boat next to you (just watching) on Champlain for your historic last 3 hours when you had that amazing run to the MLF win…. When you got pretty close to me (I was on spot lock) you finally took your eyes off your Active Target and asked me why I wasn't fishing…..(I was just being courteous as our boats were pretty close ….and enjoying the amazing show.) That was a class act. You and KVD are the only ones that have said something like that… Became a bigger fan immediately. Now.. Can you tell me what Electronics Bow mount that is?

  8. Reading the comments, it's so self explanatory why boat prices have gotten so high. Everyone is just shaking with excitement to pay $100k+ for another slow cookie cutter boat that does absolutely nothing better or different than any of Johnny Morris's "flagship" boats. Stupidity is now the virus we should all be concerned about

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