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Jeff Gustafson won the 2023 Bassmaster Classic with this technique

In this #TackleTipTuesday brought to you by Mercury Marine, @jeffgustafson3587 breaks down his only lure used to win the 2023 Bassmaster Classic. He also explains how he utilized Humminbird Mega LIVE to pinpoint fish in Tellico Lake and some key aspects to his week. #bassmaster #fishingtips


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  1. Would this guy have won a bassmaster without megalive i know for a fact Hank could have he almost did his first go at it not too impressed im watching my friend run livescope any body can catch fish now has nothing to do with being a pro its a shame they allow this high advanced technology and call it professional fishing its not i can prove it if theres any sceptics my buddy hated fishing niw he catchs fish on the regular and loves it This dude would have never won without forwards facing sonar what a sham it gets me so mad seeing wins like this i understand they allow it so use it but this is the damn bassmaster classic they used to have all kinds of regulations now its what ever it takes away from the sport so much no Milliken is fishing the bassmaster come on they only care about the money this is not fishing professionally

  2. There will be a time in the near future where the 360 live sonar data will be overlaid in the Fishermans sunglasses / augmented reality headset. Look out over the water and you will see the live sonar data laid out in front of you.
    I wonder what point competitions will put the breaks on it?
    Or the departments in charge of fish stocks?
    If the Alabama rig was banned because it's too effective, live sonar has to be wayyyy more potent..

  3. Guy says : "Fish got real hard to catch" while using LiveScope all weekend. As well as "Had to do it the old fashioned way" so you mean ACTUALLY fishing vs "Tracking" with a radar.

  4. Congrats to G. Beyond the fact forward facing sonar is ruining fisheries… the takeaway of last years for me has been the days of the baitcaster and heavy line are coming to an end.

    I fish UL at least 10x more now and if I actually want to catch fish, I use very small baits over larger doesn't matter if its jigs, spinnerbaits, cranks, or worms.

    No, I'd never give up the challenge of actually applying my experience and effort to catch fish without electronics… but hey, I also like open hunting and not fenced hunting. Call me crazy.

  5. Congrats to gussy tried watching the classic but couldn’t. I just can’t watch someone on tv watching a tv. Watching todays bass fishing is like watching a computer programmer or engineer be on his computer all day.

  6. You should be ashamed of yourself and GIVE THAT STOLEN TROPHY BACK! Just throw a net or use electro shock Nothing but a China fishermen…No Talent

  7. He knew they were there. They used to use side scan and down scan to find them and did the same thing. Congrats to him for sticking with the technique. He caught alot and fished hard. Good Job!

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