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The ONLY 4 Hooks You Need For Bass Fishing

Randy shows everybody the main hooks you need for bass fishing…#bassfishing #bass #bassmaster #fishing #fishingdaily #angler #fish #catchandrelease #fishinglife #fishingtrip #fishinglife

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Lake map breakdowns…

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  1. I hadn't used flipping hooks much until watching your videos.Now I never go fishing without them,and has become my favorite way to fish.I was using a 5/0 flipping hook on a 4in big bite coffee tube Into cattails when I scored the 8lb,also a 4lber on the same day. Btw..They both swim to make more Bass.

  2. I use Gamakatsu hooks almost exclusively in all of my jig, spinnerbait, and vibrating jig builds as well as in 99% of my other applications. The only time I use any other brand is in flipping/punching applications with a straight shank hook. For that I prefer to use the Trokar hooks. Not that I'm against using a Gamy for that, I've just found that I lose less fish with the Trokar hooks. The caviot is the Trokars must be new, out of package. The design of the Trokars tends to dull rather quickly, so you have to keep an eye on that. One good bone hit, or hitting a rock with the exposed point and they're done.

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