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  1. Honestly bro you were getting lazy when mav and sobi on the channel. You're so much better and into videos when you are by yourself. Glad to see the old AP back.

  2. Googan bait Giveaway on my channel once we reach 99 subscribers
    all you have to do!
    1)subscribe to my channel
    2)comment on any of my bass fishing videos “googan”
    3) wait for your googan baits (crack n’ craw, bandits bug, mondo worm, etc)

  3. I love your vids, but I don’t understand your uploading schedule?! I’m not nessesarily complaining but I love your vids and would love to see even more!

  4. Some I have a really strange re quest that I know has a very small chance of actually happening. I have this really good friend and she really likes your video, and when I mean like I mean obsessed. Her birthday is come up in March so I was thinking about autographs and such and thought it would be if I got your autograph her! So I know this is weird and I know it will probably be a no but I just wanted to try because she is my very good friend. 😁

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