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Welcome to another segment of the cleaning table. Today we are cleaning a largemouth bass.

As always thank you for watching..tight lines Jettie Rockers…


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  1. I used to fish when I was a kid. Now I have two daughters and they laugh because I hate taking hooks out of fish. They are going to REALLY laugh when I try to gut my first ever bass. This is going to be great. New subscriber here and cant wait to see more!

  2. I've seen a lot of ppl clean fish. I've watched several bass cleaning videos on YouTube. And yall keep cutting away the belly meat. I've never seen anyone do that. What's the reason? Yall are cutting away alot of meat. I dont understand the point. I've never ate bass. Just started bass fishing but am eager to eat my catch. Never cleaned one. Curious about this.

  3. Thank you Mike. Been waiting on a good video on how to clean largemouth. That knife you have, have so be super sharp. You slide right through that fish. Great video

  4. mike, new here love the vids. coming to NSB this summer. son and i love to fish. email me details to get out with you. Gary (

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