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How to pitch a jig for BIG BASS

I show how to pitch a black and blue jig for big bass in a South Florida rock and gravel pit. Heavy tackle with 50# braid does the job with a pre-spawn lake with 70 degrees water temperature.


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  1. My father and myself watched you early on, you are an inspiration… And you raised a wonderful son with integrity and honor.He helped me get through the death of my wife and when I was sick..I sub to both of you. Thank you so much food Bless

  2. Hey Roland I am watching one of your old videos and was wondering are you using braid on your real and if so what weight and are you tying directly to the pig jig are are you using a liter

  3. Awesome video Roland! Very informative!

    When you do more videos can you make the camera angles like 9:00 to 9:10 from this video? They help us viewers see the technique of your cast and the location of where you should be fishing your lure.

    Awesome content! Keep em coming! Oooooooo son!

  4. Fellow line watcher here. I’m pretty sure they don’t have eyelids because they don’t need to blink to hydrate their eyeballs 👀 but they are nice for sleeping right?

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