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I Went Fishing With Realistic Baits!!

Get yerself some scary realistic baits:
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(My Fishing Gear)
Halo XDIII Pro 7’3 MH:
Metanium DC:

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  1. My brother attends William and Mary and is a rising junior/redshirt sophomore he play soccer, what dorm were you in in your past years in college

  2. Dude can I just say your one of my favorite fishing YouTubers, the first time I watched you, you made me get into fishing. My favorite color is pumpkin cause I catch most bass on that color

  3. Senko is usually black and blue green pumpkin on the lizards. Crank baits if it’s clear a bluegill/shad color. If it’s dirty then orange/red. Spinners I like chartreuse. Frogs just need a yellow belly

  4. Looks and shapes doesent matter it is what the fish is hunting for what matters so for example ur fishing for cod and it’s only looking for small fish then if u fish with something it isn’t hunting for it wont take it

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