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Tournament Fishing on Evergreen Lake!

We fished our first tournament of the year and it went pretty well! (Evergreen Lake, Illinois. Bloomington Normal Bass Club)Thanks for watching!

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Illinois spring fishing. fishing in central Illinois. Evergreen Lake, Comlara Park, Lake Bloomington.

#EvergreenLake #JonBoat #TournamentFishing


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  1. Saw some guys on a john boat last Wed fishing towards the bank south of the kayak ramp out at evergreen and they were slaying bass every cast. All decent size too. One was at least 5 lbs. I was in the Kayak fishing for crappie and only caught one 😂 but I’m just a casual angler. Nice vid. Good luck on the upcoming tourneys

  2. Ive only been to evergreen twice but I had some success and it’s a beautiful lake. Good job guys, keep up the good work. You’ll be winning these tourneys soon enough!

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