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I DID NOT Want to Share This Jig Fishing SECRET!

I did not want to share this jig fishing secret! I have been bass fishing with jigs for years and have tried many types of jigs. I learned a few jig fishing tips along the way that helped me catch more bass and today wanted to share one of my favorite jig fishing techniques to catch more bass! This jig fishing tip allows you to use a single jig for multiple applications and catch more fish!

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  1. New sub here. I love fishing a jig as a Co angler. A bigger fish is key at weigh in. I also finesse with a wacky or shakyhead! Great video! Sub to my channel as well.

  2. Thanks Nathan for this awesome tip. Jig fishing is not my confidence bait as I get frustrated fishing it in rocks and always get hung up and break off and lose them why I don’t fish them often. I will give this a try as I do use 6th sense products and have these jigs. Any ideas to keep from hanging up in rocks?

  3. 2:06 I switched over to the Divine Hybrid for everything except finesse jigs (they don't come lower than 3/8). Sold all my other jigs (including swim jigs). Never looked back.

  4. Nathan you did an excellent review of baits for Florida bashing but later admitted that some baits like frogs were omitted. Can you do an updated one to include all the baits or at least an update covering those you missed. Thanks

  5. Hi Nathan. I really appreciate you detailing your tackle and dialling it in as a system. I bought one of those Fury heavy baitcast rods thinking it would be a true heavy power rod. So your comments that it is really a MH rod is extremely helpful to me. Keep up the great work and tight lines.

  6. If you post it… the subs will come… I told you a long time ago you'd grow bubba. Us guys in the northeast need some ice fishing videos. Bring out a wider audience. More subs. Different species… build this bad boy up, Bubba!

  7. Thanks Nathan. I do the opposite, I use a swimjig but pitch to cover. Swimjigs are a blast to fish. It's the lure I would choose if I only had 1 lure.
    I tried the bongo a little but conditions were really bad. I like using craws and creatures that were wore out after Texas rigged use. One thing I notice is pros throwing white swimjigs with swimbaits the most.
    White rarely works as good as craw or bluegill jigs for me. I wonder why white doesn't work as good. There is shad in the water and other lures work in white (cranks,sp. baits,ch.baits).

  8. Nathan have you tried their braided swim jig yet? And seeing that you are affiliated with 6th sense I know it's a family based business haven't seen much diversity with them in terms of whom they are affiliated with or sponsor.

  9. Alot of guys like to trim the weed guard closer to the hook point, do u leave urs long like the pictured showed, maybe it had something to do with losing that first one, no?

  10. I know most ppl would say that oh you only say that cuz your sponsored but literally that hybrid jig is the best jig on the market I got a box with nothing but them they are that good

  11. Nathan, I'm 63 and learned anything that I know from the guys that Pioneered the sport of Competitive Bass Fishing thru Magazines like InFisherman & BASS in the 80's & 90's but you have a real nack for explaining the intricate parts of Rigging, Fishing AND where to put the best Bait ever made to catch Big Fish very well. I watch and enjoy all of your videos. "IF YOU FISH THE JIG… THEY WILL COME.."

  12. Yes sir I fished a similar jig the same way for some time. I saw your first video on the 6th Sense jig and picked up a few to try. The Hybrid jig is excellent for this and will be using them a lot more this season. Thanks

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