My Bass Fishing Garage – THE MAN CAVE TOUR

My Bass Fishing Garage – THE MAN CAVE TOUR!! You all have been asking to see the shop…Here it is! This is actually the first garage I have ever had and I am so excited to share it along with some must-haves for your shop if you are looking to build one! Please help me out and comment below with an idea for my rod storage if you have one!!

Thanks for watching!

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My FIRST Bass Fishing Garage – THE MAN CAVE TOUR
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  1. Seen someones rod storage system and he had cup hooks screwed in wood strip. He hung them vertically from the rod sleeves that have a loop in the end.

  2. If you’re looking for a quick way of storing rods for the summer season Joes tackle unlimited in west newton is closing and he’s selling all of his rod racks. Might not be exactly what you want but you could get organized while coming up with something better down the road

  3. I am curious about the garage. What brand? How is it insulated? Is the insulation hood? How big is the split unit (hvac)? How tall is garage? Lots of questions sorry.

  4. looks great i like it. as for the rod storage have you thought about putting them in the middle in line with your drain of you your barn in a straight line rod rack the would stand up and only be about 12" wide going the length of your man cave. this may be an option.

  5. Don’t underestimate the power of that mini split. When I’m A/C mode it acts as a dehumidifier (better than the actual “dry” mode) and it literally sucks the water out of the carpet and the boat is dry in no time! Fans are nice but that mini split will cut dry time in half!!

  6. Order a full 4 ft X 8 ft sheet of black lexan in 3/8 thick and drill all four corners and build a pulley operated lowering system. Put rods on top with Velcro straps and maybe hooks on the bottom for rod's you regularly get down for use. Love the material you used for framing up your garage, I hope to have the same size shop soon! With a Bass Cat sitting in there!

  7. Thanks Matt, for the Man Cave tour!!! Like how you have it set up. Nice wrap on the boat. Nice to see a hometown boy make it to the Big Leagues and enjoy what he does!!! Will be cheering you even though you move to Tennessee!!!! Stay Safe & God Bless!!!!

  8. The shop looks great Matt. The slat wall makes organizing fun and a real time saver when preparing to go on the road. As far as the rod organization, that is a tough one because you need to have access to them . I store mine hanging from the ceiling with 1x4s that I cut slots and holes in. Perhaps with the high ceilings you have there you could build a deck above your work bench about 8×12 the same height as the shelving unit and you could hang rods from that and also use the top for storage.

  9. Beautiful! Congrats. Looking good and getting organized. Maybe suspend your rods just above your head by the baits. Hang some coated braided cable down in for corners that attach to thin wood strips parallel to the wall. Kinda like a suspended thin shelf that you can reach. 👍

  10. Nice setup Matt.
    You can mount some strut above your slat board. Fasten 2 pieces to the wall about 6 ft. apart. They come in 10 ft. Lengths. Support other end from rafters with bolt rod 5ft. Lenghts. They make joining nuts if you need them longer. Then you can lay rods across the supports , put the but handles on 1 support and some foam on the top of othe so shafts don't scratch.

  11. looking good. My rod storage is right above my boat on hooks (from the rafters). i have about 25 rods right above the boat, but of course my garage has a very low ceiling so I can stand up in the boat and reach the rods above me. For you to do that you would have to build a rack or something that came down from that high ceiling you have, which also might limit you from parking high clearance items in the garage as well. But it sure is functional to reach up and pull any rod you want down and they are always out of the way up there as well.

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