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HUGE Swimbait Only Tournament! Swimbait Universe Gathering Tournament

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  1. Has dream smasher been doing any drops?? I didn’t have a chance to get in on a drop last year or so while they were going, now that I have my mind made I need some of his baits and can’t find any new ones anymore!!

  2. Hey Matt , so happy to see your continued growth. I have not seen a video in a few months. My bad, new phone. I have been watching you sense before the 50 state push. I think you have a true career growing here. Super fast growth often fades just as fast. You have been very consistent as a you tuber and a tournament angler. I wish you much success. Good on you for doing a fishing video with your girl recently . It is good family fun.

  3. I got to say… There are a ton of awesome big swim baits out there on the market but for me, nothing beats a trout colored mega bass mag draft, either the standard with the treble rigs or the freestyle with a big fat owner beast 8/0 hook… I hung a 7.5 and a few 5+ fish this past week alone

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