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His 1st SWIMBAIT Fish was a Giant BASS!!!

Went out swimbait fishing with my buddy Chris from @44tackleco.32 to throw big baits for bass in ultra clear water. He ended up catching his 1st swimbait fish and it was a giant bass!!!

Mike Bucca’s Bull Shad Swimbaits

6th Sense Draw Glidebait

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  1. That's awesome dude! I love when people like yourself gets as excited as the one catching the fish, that's when you know that person loves fishing and teach others to fish! Great job man that place is beautiful and has a few nice bass! Thanks for sharing. Semper Fi from an old Marine

  2. I live pretty close to rainbow river and went down it on a tube as a kid. Never fished it though. Always wanted to. Is it worth the trip? Spawn season could be the best time I guess.

  3. Had a buddy and his boss had a place on the Rainbow right where it met up with the Withlacoochee river. We spent a lot of weekends there in the spring in the early 80s trying to catch those big fish. We caught a lot of 4 to 6-lb fish, but we could only catch them with wild river shiners. It's a cool place to scuba dive if you're into that kind of thing.

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