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Giant bass slams giant lure. “The draw” 9 inch glide bait by 6th sense. Swim bait fun!

This was my first time using this bait, love the action, and I got a big fish to commit. I’ll be using it regularly now. Great fun, try it out! #fish #fishing #lake #bassfishing #bassfishing #largemouthbassfishing #swimbait #glidebait

Link to “the Draw” 9 inch glide bait below.


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  1. Hey doc, I'm writing to you from Northern Ontario Canada! Let me know if you're ever up near Sudbury and I'll take you out fishing bud. Incredible fishing up here man!
    Is your house by that lake? How big is it and is it stocked? Any other species or mostly just bass?

  2. $75.00? holy 💩! If I had plenty of money I’d probably drop $75 on a lure but only then. Right now I wouldn’t cause if I lost it I’d have to risk my life to dive in and find it. Lol.

  3. You being in the derm business, I was concerned if you used sunscreen and a hat on your pate. I see you do. I will worry no longer.

  4. Ohhh! Happy Birthday Da! I’m getting that lure for sure. Brilliant catch!!! Our deep sea fishing trip was cancelled due to Ian. His house is on Sanibel Island. I got out about a week before it hit, thank you Lord. He didn’t have the chance to get off the Island. It hit so hard and so fast, all they could do was hunker down and wait it out. No bridge. Their house only got about 3-6 inches of flooding as it’s higher up but his neighbours houses are not salvageable. It’s so sad. He packed up his boat and is in our house in North Carolina now. Thank goodness the plane is up north with me. More than anything, I’m thankful he is ok. I’m off to see him in few days. Need to put my arms around him. Keep up your fishing for us! 🎣 🐟

  5. Do you keep any? Is that a big lake? I live in PA so keeping fish may have different rules in CA.
    I live close to the Delaware and Schuykill River confluence. There are health limits on how much of the fish you can eat. The water is disgusting near Philly. Other streams and rivers in PA have been damaged by coal mining, steel production and now fracking.
    I wish I could have seen the rivers when it was just the Native Americans here. Must have been spectacular!

  6. Whoa…now that was big one!! 🐟Your excitement and enjoyment with the sport of fishing is infectious! Not just "catch and release" for the fish, but it's a therapeutic release for you from studies and any day-to-day stress! 🐟🎣👍

  7. That is a big lure, look at the results. Bang Bisket, very cool, thank goodness you got it on the boat cam. Love the impression at the end Greg🤣 Tight lines & cheers 🎣🥰

  8. Looks like that was fun catching that one. This is just the break you need from studying. Way to relax. Just watched the one with the osprey. Was wondering if the shorts don't notify when they come up right away? Thanks for video.👍

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